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Online Registration Services

Event Systems is an internet based online registration service designed for non-profit organizations. It is perfect for special events or convention registration of 200 to 2000 attendees or more. Event Systems is internet based so no special hardware or software is needed. You can have multiple registrars and assistants all working at the same time, even from their own homes. As long as you have internet access you have access to event systems.

Traditional registration systems typically stop after processing a credit card. Event Systems not only provides a robust backend accounting system for your registrar to manage the event but has raised the bar by developing an interactive community system that lets your attendees start experiencing your event months before they step foot into your convention.

Your customers will be able to make changes to their personal information, post their own bios or resumes and take part in interactive message bases or chat rooms. They even have the ability to invite each other to parties, golf outings, or breakfast meetings of their own creation in our "Evite" style invitation system. Your customers will help jump-start your registration by coaxing their friends to register now so they can get online with them and make plans.

Event Systems is designed to grow with your needs. Our pricing is based on a per registrant model to help alleviate the risk of running a new event when you're unsure of attendance levels. Volume discounts are built in should your event be a great success. For more information on how Event Systems can make your convention run smoother and help your attendees have a better time, contact info@event-systems.com or call (703) 906-2832.

Online Registration
Accounting System
Attendees Only Area
  • Secure server online ordering.
  • Credit card capture or real time processing using your merchant account.
  • Manual input of snail mail registrations paying by cash, check, MO, or credit card.
  • Immediate or batch processing.
  • Automated confirmation letters sent immediately.
  • Customize collected registration information.
  • Set data edits or validate information with data base lookups.
  • Sell merchandise, memberships, collect donations, etc.
  • Provide discounts to staff, presenters, or promotional rates through use of discount codes.
  • Matches look and feel of your website.
  • Real time access to all registration information
  • Registrar and assistants can all manage registration information simultaneously from any Internet connection.


    • View, Search and Edit all Registrants Info
    • Process payments
    • Track credit card batches
    • Manage registration changes and cancellations
    • Full reporting capability
    • Create and manage discount codes
    • Create document file for printing badges
    • Extensive search capabilities
    • Canned and ad hoc reporting
  • Allows registrants to start experiencing the convention now!
  • Most registrants login at least once a week … some every night.
  • Creates an incentive to register early and solicit your friends to register.
  • Allows registrants to edit personal information. (badge name, comment, phone, email, address, etc)


    • Profiles
    • News
    • Message bases
    • RideShare/Room Share message base
    • Chat Room
    • Virtual Badge
    • Invitations (public and private)
    • Volunteer sign-up
    • Class sign-up
    • My Schedule
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Email: Info@event-systems.com

Phone: 703.906.2832